Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lucky 14

The number 14 usually seems to be a lucky number for me and this past weekend Raleigh 70.3 kept that statement alive.  I got the bib number 14 and no luck did not give me the result for the weekend but its just funny how it all worked out in the end. When all was said and done, I came in 2nd place overall, in my 2nd race as a professional, with a time of 4:04:41.  It was a race that I will never forget and continue to work forward from.  The whole day from the swim, bike and to the run you could not keep a smile off my face.  Blessed, honored, fun and thankful are 4 words I have used to describe that race.  Below is a quick video of the race itself and how it went.  Also are a few links to articles that talked about the race.

Everyday I am blessed for all the support in so many ways...
RACC- Race Against Childhood Cancer (Racing for something bigger then myself)
Endurance House Middleton- Would NOT be possible without all your help (Ps that bike is fast)
Peak Performance Massage Madison- Training at the level I can would not be possible without you
Power Bar- Correct nutrition is key to training and racing
Newton- These shoes are just simply the best
CycleOps- Keeping me under control, working hard and training smart
Coach Will Smith- Have a bright future with your help
Family- Best family a man could EVER ask for
Friends- So thankful and love you all
Faith- GTGTG (Give the Glory to God) 

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